Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tales from tha Skryptcha

Keep moving caught up with new comer Skryptcha on the eve of his debut release - Left to write, out through Obese January 31st for a few words with an excited MC who has a record about to drop & a plan to fulfill.
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Keep moving: G’day mate, how you going?

Skryptcha: Really well bro, things are all finally starting to happen, I couldn't be happier!

For all the rookies out there, who are you, what do you do & where are you from?

I'm a 22 year old MC from Sydney by the name of Skryptcha, been writing & recording for a few years now and I just might have finally got my act together haha..

Exciting times for you with left to write out Jan 31st & a bit of air play on triple J, are you be happy with the reaction you received so far ?

Yeah bro, like I said, I couldn't be happier, it really is exciting times! I've been waiting so long for this & yeah, the reaction has been great so many people I've never met or heard of have been bumping "Food For Thought" pretty large which is massive for me...The J's could be a lil' bit nicer with the airplay haha but it's still early days!

Congratulations on the deal with Obese. Tell us how that came about?

The deal with Obese was really a pretty long process...Back in mid 2007, I was pretty lost with music and didn't really have the slightest clue of how to move forward with it, so I sort of thought, "I think I really have something here, I'm gonna send it out to some labels I'd want to be involved with and if they get back to me, then I'll know I have got something & hopefully they can take me forward"...Anyway, Pegz gave me a call a week or so later to tell me how much he'd dug what he'd heard, which for me was like one of the biggest moments in my life man, I'd thought about quitting music soo many times, in horrible states of mind but that sort of solidified everything for me, it let me know I was doing the right thing and I did have something...He'd recently signed Chasm up & said that he'd love us both to work with each other, in the hope we could make something dope enough to be signed up haha, we made this EP, sent it off & I guess the rest is history now...

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Was the disk long in the making?

The disk was pretty long in the making man, but that was due to a lot of reasons, I did a lot of world travel in 2008 which really split things up & Chas had been touring his LP, while also working on the D-trix album, so we both had a lot of other stuff on our plates...It wasn't till I got back from Europe in July that shit really started to happen, I just got my zone back & started to write like crazy...So from the very start to finish it was about 6 months but there were many gaps haha...

Chas (everything I touch turns to gold) bot has produced your whole album. How was it working with the master?

Well we initially just arranged a lil' meeting to talk about what we could come up with… We both decided an EP fully produced by him would be great, then yeah we just ran with it...Quite honestly, I don't think I could have done my first release with anyone better, he's not only a freak on the beats but as far as genuine cats go, he's up there man! The amount of wisdom & help he pumped into me over the past few months was amazing! Big ups! Haha.

Who else did you work with on the record?

Ah we got 'Lotek' to feature on one of the hooks & also an amazing soul singer from Sydney by the name of 'Juanita Tippins,' she featured on Chasm's LP so he brought her in to lay the icing on a real soul chiller...We then got the big man 'DJ 2Buck' on the cut & he killed it big time...All the guests were unreal & just made each track that much bigger!

Are you touring this record around the land, what dates?

Yeah, I really hope I can get around the country with the EP, we haven’t locked anything in as yet, so I’m not really sure where and when yet haha… The ‘Obese Block Party’ will be going down again later this year so I’ll be traveling as part of that, but whether or not I can get a lil’ tour of my own happening outside of that, I just don’t know yet…

What is in your CD player right now?

I’ve actually got ‘Drapht – Brother’s Grimm’ in there right now, that got a hell of a lot of play last year…

What’s in your pockets right now?

Plenty of I.O.U’s haha..

Who is coming up in Sydney for keep moving to watch out for?

The whole city bro haha, what a year for Sydney! I don’t really have too much knowledge of many secret cats at the moment but I know they’re out there, I’m really looking forward to the Thundamentals LP in ’09, Dialectrix’ new material and I’m pretty sure the Spit Syndicate boys will have a new LP out at some stage too!

What local MCs influenced you?

Too many to name bro haha, but I’ve gotta name the ‘Hilltop Hoods’ straight up, ‘The Calling,’ was probably the most influential album of my life. Aside from them, ‘Delta’ has probably been the biggest influence, he was one of the first MC’s I was really drawn in by here in Australia, his lyrics just blew me away… ‘For the Kings’ is one of my all time favourite tracks.

Any shout outs?

Big shoutouts to my local crew; Willy, T Muzz, Finny, P Dog, Mitty, Slab, A.J, Horo, Kologee, De Sal, Hutt, Buzz, Sangster, Hal, Matty, Meeyatch, Sutto, & of course my girlfriend Gina! Haha, I didn’t get to thank everyone personally on the EP so there it is! Thanks for giving me all the mad support over the years!

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Maddie from Stupidkrap just sent this over. The ABC has taken some images from the pastemodernism show & twisted them into the hallucinations of a female BMX rider. The Movement - supported by your ABC. Remember anyone can now comment the posts so please feel free to have an opinion.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Adding a little freshness update that you may notice. Also now anyone can comment posts so please drop me a line with your love, hate & opinions. Keeping this digital in 09.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


1,203 Palestinians killed in Gaza. 1.5 MILLION INJURED PALESTINIANS. STOP THE GENOCIDE.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


RE-UP was a huge success & a great day was had by everyone there, no dramas or beef just $3 beers & enough kush to keep everyone smiling. Big ups to Scotty Burns & all the look up family for giving Sydney exactly what it needs in a complete Hip-Hop festival showcasing all the great talent this city has. I was having to much fun to even bother to film anything but i managed to put down the mc battle final, some Horrorshow & a touch of Bingethinkers.
Big miss if ya slept on it.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Sydney's finest hip-hop jam is back this saturday Jan 17th at the Loft bar - UTS. Featuring:
And to many others to list here. The final of the feeding time battles will also be featured as well as live graff by THE MOVEMENT & I.M crews. All that for only $15 on the door or you can buy tickets HERE

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Monday, January 12, 2009


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This show looks certain to set the bar high this year with some of Sydney finest & some fresh faces showing this wednesday at somedays. Keep ya eyes peeled for works from the movements john doe, ears, scribla, max berry & bridge.
Opens Wednesday 14th @ 6pm somedays gallery - 72b Fitzroy St Surry Hills.

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Established artists and hot new talent will be exhibited together in CarriageWorks’ stunning foyer at carriageARTworks. First time buyers, seasoned collectors and art lovers are invited to browse the collection of exciting contemporary artworks for sale.
Come along and have a look at NEW work by Ears, John Doe, Max Berry and Syke.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009


words from the elefant mansion from Keep Moving on Vimeo.
We were still going from new years when Tongue decided he had some resolutions he wanted to share with you 8 days into the new year. Gusto also dropped over to check if we were still alive & share some of his plans for 09. Mandalay all day baby.

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