Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Leichhardt Council is once again leading the way in radness. They are undertaking a range of mural projects to improve their local area and highlight the talent & contribution that artists are making to public spaces.
Its very refreshing to see a local council taking such forward thinking & creative steps to promote the beauty of street art & to keep their area looking fresh.
Four artists will be selected to reproduce their designs on four public walls throughout the Leichhardt local government area. Leichhardt Council will pay the material costs needed for the creation of the selected applicant’s pieces. They will also award each of those chosen as finalists with a cash prize.
1st place - $2000
2nd place - $1000
3rd and 4th place - $650


All the info needed can be found HERE entries close 3rd of May 2010.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Glenn Brown was born in Northumberland, England in 1966. He studied at Norwich School of Art, the Bath College of Higher Education, then Goldsmith's College, London. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2000. His work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions.

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Monday, March 29, 2010


The superfreaks down at BABEKUHL have just released their tshirt colab with Sydney's dopest sneaker spot ESPIONAGE & with a hush-hush colab in the pipe for KIKSTYO the BABEKUHL boys are cementing their place as Sydney's premier design team.

They also made this video for ESPIONAGE

they have also just dropped a super limited release of their fresh duffel bag. Hit up ESPIONAGE asap.

Still on BABEKUHL, they also have their custom nike kicks available. If you have just copped the shirt & the bag it would be rude to leave the shoes out. Not ESPIONAGE for these ones, you can only buy them HERE.


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The Air Jordan White Collection honoring the Jordan Brand’s 25th Anniversary, also known as the Silver Anniversary, is slowly leaking out & im sure its causing panic among Jordan heads worldwide as its a super limited release only at select Jordan Brand retailers.

I'm aware the collection consist of every signature Air Jordan up to the XXV but only chucked up pics of one I would buy if I could be fucked challenging every sneaker head in the world to a shop off or I wanted Bouch to be jealous of me & my aluminum briefcase the shoes come packaged in.

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Friday, March 26, 2010


Here is the official music video for Kid Cudi’s ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life’ from his debut album, ‘Man on the Moon: The End of Day’. Directed by Jason Goldwatch / Decon Creative Group the video will take you over months of tour footage and show you what Cudi’s life soundtrack is like. Enjoy

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Monday, March 22, 2010


So i'm walking down the street with my dog today. Guy at the end of the street is going to stop me & ask for money. I know he's going to. I can just tell. He has that look. That half-crafty, I can see you & you can see me & I can see you seeing me but let's all pretend otherwise look. For some reason it sets my teeth on edge & I deploy my own look. This gaunt, forbidding, slightly deranged expression I developed over the five years I lived around Kings Cross. Very much your angry loner, gun nut with a tiny dog survivalist look. A great look for getting seats to yourself on the train & warding off the advances of hookers, spruikers, christians & beggers.
I hadn't used it in a year. Maybe I was rusty. It had no impact on this guy at all so I gave him a few silver coins & shuffled home to watch things I am interested in on the interwebs. Here are some of those things.

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MAY’S present's DEB and MINI GRAFF This Friday, 26th MARCH

How good are girls? They rule is the correct answer for those playing at home & two of these rad girls have taken over May lane for the latest chapter in the Sydney street art book. MAY'S is also pleased to introduce its first series of screen-prints by Deb. Seven prints, each in an edition of 50. Prints can be purchased through this Friday at the launch night.
9 May Lane
St Peters, NSW

Another turbo rad girl is Bridge Stehli, she is one artist who I love watching evolve.

And this month sees her let loose upon the Oh Really space with installation, murals & artworks. It opens this Thursday, March 25 at 6:00pm.
Oh Really Gallery - 55 Enmore rd Newtown.
Come & show some love for the X chromosome people.

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Hall Of Fame out of Los Angeles, continues to deliver when it comes to collaborations on fitted caps. Their newest collaboration is with Mitchell & Ness & I am gona cop the bulls one HERE.

Might I also recommend the New Era LED Cap Light

Although the technology has already been discovered to a certain degree, New Era refine the product with a hand-held version that simply clips onto the brim of your favorite cap. No other info on this product yet but I believe its available on the Asian market.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This weeks Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence must surely go to the HALFWAY CROOKS team. Just as you wondering when the next party is they hit you with an invite over facey & all your plans for the weekend instantly take a back seat. Largest apologies must go to my Cricket team who will surely miss my dangerous right arm weapons, I know its hard with out me boys.

To get you to Saturday night Captain Franco has dropped his new mix - Sample Clearance

Theophilus London - Live From The Black Apple X No sunshine
Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy
Hood Headlinaz - Soul Glo (Ft. Lil' St. Lois)
D-Black - Queen To Be
Nickelus F - Jack Boyz
B.o.B - I Am The Man (Ft. Bun B)
Cory Gunz - Big Noise
Young Buck - Ridin Down The Freeway (Ft. The Outlaws)
French Montana - New York Minute (Ft. Jadakiss)
Saigon - Come On Baby (Remix Ft. Jay-Z)
Busta Rhymes - Takin' What's Mine
Obie Trice - You Burn
Statik Selektah - The Best (Ft. Reks, Termanology, JFK & Kali)
Fonzie interlude
Drake - Zone
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C


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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Absolut Stairwell Gallery Presents the Movement

Its good to be back working with the team - Large up to Absolut Stairwell Gallery for supporting local artists all summer long & for bringing us back for our second group show. This aint a Aprils fools joke people, this is live & flawless. Also if your heading to the secret garden festival this weekend check the stage backdrops we created for them.

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Monday, March 8, 2010


Are we doomed after all? When all signs point to yes & Monday is full of strange vibes we have to all remember that the great magnet is always turning & no matter what confusing situation you find your self in I know for fact that it will all be ok.
There is something new & shiny that can't be tarnished at work here & I remember it well from last time. So what if you claim to have a dozen or so people saying they suffered mild to middling psychotic reactions after being 'forced' by my good self to sample a number of hashish-laden confectionery products. Well excuuuse me but how the hell do you 'force' people to gobble down handfuls of crumbling hallucinogenic Anzac cookies? Those people were greedy pigs! I can't believe you would be so naive as to imagine that they would survive more than three minutes of cross-examination by my high-priced legal rottweilers.

Any who, ripper of a weekend; I went & watched my man Tongue do his thing on Friday night, then we snuck upstairs where The Swiss were playing. They are this amazing Australian band that are beyond funky & so tight you feel like you are listening to some turbo disco mixtape. They recently signed to modular of course & their new ep "bubble bath" drops sometime soon. These guys are the perfect wedding band - love birds take note.

I then dragged my sore head to Future music where I watched no one but in a symbolic move I drove really fast through long tunnels in a golf cart with my man Ajax (the hex). Just remember to look for the hole at the end of the tunnel - then head towards it.

Made it rain with tissues after that, real heads know.

Now to news from the shady art world; Lister has got fresh on the streets of Brooklyn below.

It is pure fact that Lister is working on a new show that will open on March 19th at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York so run along NY peeps & check out one of Australia's finest freaks with a brush. Flyer & a look at his Brooklyn studio below.

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