Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This aint even the massacre. This just some mixtape math put together with magic & spiderwebs to promote the Wu-Massacre - in stores March 30th. You know we can never get enough wu especially when 3 of the clans finest on are on it. All this teamwork has me dreaming of a Deck, Meth & Gza record - one day.

2-Mef Vs. Chef (Exclusive)
3-Miranda (Exclusive)
4-House of Flying Daggers
5-The Turn
6-Paisley Darts
8-Cuban Chronicles (Exclusive)
9-Where Your Heat At?
10-Four Minutes to Lock Down
11-All Flowers (Exclusive)
12-RUSH (Mathematics Mix)
13-Method Man PLO Freestyle (Exclusive Classic)
14-RUSH 2
15-One (Mathematics Mix)
16-It’s Yours (Mathematics Mix)
18-For This
19-Deadly Venoms
20-Tony Montana
22-The General (Exclusive)
23-Murda Goons
24-The M.E.T.H.
27-Wu-Tangs 1st radio appearance (WBIA-SUPER EXCLUSIVE)
28-St. Ides Commercial (Exclusive)
29-Eye For A Eye
30-Right Back At You
32-10 Bricks
33-Raekwon and Ghostface Live Radio Freestyle (Exclusive)
34-Iron God Chamber
35-It’s What It Is
36-Diz iz 4 All My Smokers
37-Black Cream (My Guitar)
38-Where It Started At
39-Fast Shadow feat. ODB (Exclusive)
40-Block Rock
41-About Me
43-Watch Your Mouth
44-Cash Still Rules-Scary Hours
45-Box In Hand
46-7th Chamber Part 2
47-Bonus-Ghostface Freestyle Live On The Radio (Exclusive)
48-Bonus-Newcomer feat. Eyes-Low




The long awaited debut full length album from acclaimed producer M-Phazes is finally here. Showcasing the ridiculously talented future of Australian hip hop, alongside some of the biggest names in the business, this release will no doubt set a new standard in local hip hop & show the numerous weak mc's about the pedigree of where this art needs to be. It drops in two days & is a serious must have.

Track listing:
01. For What It’s Worth (ft. Solo)
02. Where’s Elvis? (ft. Drapht)
03. The Freak Show (ft. Mantra)
04. Goodbye Gravity (ft. Muph & Plutonic w/ Candice Monique)
05. Home (ft. Delta)
06. Blind Man (ft. Pegz)
07. Long Winding Road (ft. Spit Syndicate)
08. Music Box (ft. Phrase)
09. The Club Song (ft. Forthwrite)
10. Keep Running (ft. Nfa)
11. Triumph (ft. 13th Son)
12. Walk On Clouds (ft. Bliss N Eso)
13. The Facilitator (ft. Dialectrix)
14. That’s What We On (ft. Nine High)
15. Take It From Me (ft. Illy)


Good Gracious!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Gentlemen - and we are all gentlemen here I hope, that being the Club rules - I am afraid I must bring before your attention a matter of obnoxious concern and befuddlement to the senior members of the Club. To wit, the recent exertions of Gen. Sir Luke Wilson to attend work rather that Join Us at Playground Weekender tomorrow . . .

God's bollocks and hell hound pizzles, gentlemen, this will not stand! Stay strong my true party gentleman, consistency is vital & foresight is key, the prize is close.

Fetch me my hawk.

In other news; I enjoyed this street art film by KNOX featuring six of the top street artists in America - Faile, Skewville, Mike De Feo, Dan Witz, Espo and Tiki Jay One.
Familiar urges to get up have since returned in a big way. Its not like they ever leave but the cycle has run its course & the time to go big has returned, 'MOVEMENT UNITE'.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Two don's of originality join forces for the next MAYS turbo burner. There has been some serious heat on the May's wall of late & next Friday will burn them all away. Beastman & Zoom are two of the most impressive, mesmerizing artists out so keep next Friday, 19th Feb free & come check the styles from 6-8PM.

Work in progress:


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Monday, February 8, 2010


Featuring some of Sydney's finest freaks with a marker in there hand & including Mr. John Doe from the super duty MOVEMENT crew the infamous underground graf battle has snuck into our fine city thru the back door & Its getting live this Thursday at ? bar. 90 minute battles with the crowd deciding who walks away with the glory so be there to help dizzle out.



Dizzle took it out with this effort, well doe mate. I'll show you what's what!

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Friday, February 5, 2010


The first Sydney solo exhibition by one of my favorite painters & one of the most exciting talents to emerge from The Movement - the expressive and highly prolific EARS. My very collectable brother will have it all hung by Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 6:00pm - 55 Enmore rd, Newtown.


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